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Sense & Sanitise Station Technical Information

Sense & Sanitise Technical Information

Customised Screen Messages and Instructions
Screen messages and instructions can be customised to show your company logo and to suit your requirements.

Temperature Monitoring
Each device is temperature calibrated. The system has been designed to measure forehead temperature, which is not as accurate as measuring internal body temperature and is not a definitive test method for Covid-19 or febrille illness. This system is not a medical device and should not be used as a medical device.

Sanitiser refills
The system simply has a space in the cabinet for a 5 litre sanitiser bottle and a tube that sits into the bottle which is linked to the pump dispensing system. It is specifically designed for the gel we supply, but it will dispense almost any gel or liquid sanitiser, only it will not atomise liquid sanitiser.  We can supply sanitiser, or you can source your own.

Sanitiser dispensing
On standard settings you will get approximately 5000 x 1ml doses per 5 litre bottle, but we can adjust this to suit your requirements.

The main cabinet construction is 316 stainless steel.

Power supply
The unit is powered by a standard UK mains power lead.

Maintenance Requirements
Wipe down as necessary. The device does not require regular calibration or maintenance, but this service can be offered if your health and safety procedures require it.

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