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Plug and Play Temperature Screening and Sanitiser Station

The Sense & Sanitise Station is a plug and play temperature screening and sanitiser dispensing system that has been developed in response to the current crisis.

It is a two hand sanitiser unit with a calibrated infra red temperature monitoring sensor. The sensor monitors the persons forehead temperature, dispenses sanitiser and then displays a customisable enter/no entry read out based on the persons temperature.

This system allows you to minimise risk by ensuring that everyone has hand sanitiser on both hands and has been temperature screened before entry. The system can be used in three ways;

  1. As a stand-alone unit by the entrance doors, which people are requested to use before entering.

  2. Linked to a physical gate or door, which only opens once sanitiser has been applied and the temperature reading is ok.

  3. Linked to a sensor system that sounds a warning tone if someone passes without using the unit or tries to pass after receiving a No Entry reading.

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